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Late Summer Hunting VIDEOS

Wilderness Hunting Ranch Late August Velvet Hunt,  3:25 min.

Hunting the velvet with a crossbow.

Buck DROPPED in Its Tracks! Bowhunting Antelope in Montana,  3:50 min.

Bowhunter and Eastmans’ member Ken Hollingsworth was eager for his first Montana antelope hunt. Hunting didn’t disappoint from day one when a monster antelope buck appears at a water hole on a hot September day.

Bowhunting Groundhogs Kill Shot, Self-Filmed Food Plot Cleanup,  2:27 min.

Chucky had to go after observing him decimate the soybeans on that corner of the sanctuary. His brothers are suspect to eating off the tops of at least one tree that I planted this spring, a thicket plum.

Bowhunting Fallow Buck,  3:34 min.

Something different in the weed patch.

Open Terrain – Archery Antelope Hunting,  3:19 min.

Travis & Zack head into the badlands searching for the rush of antelope hunting. Travis opts for the water hole blind, while Zack puts boots on the ground with hopes of filling his tag spot and stalk. This would be both of their first ever antelope tags that they have filled.

Take Your Best Shot! | Archery Pronghorn, 1:54 min.

Pronghorn buck drinking; bowhunter in ground blind across the waterhole Bow: Mathews Heli-M

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