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Long-range shooting all about the numbers

SPOKESMAN REVIEW  From the Archives – Gone are the days of serious target shooters putting a finger to the wind and relying on the trajectories printed on ammunition boxes before squeezing off rounds at distant targets. Today’s long-range precision-rifle shooters sound like MIT grads as they talk about velocity, co-efficient and formulas for directing a 105-grain bullet reliably to “clink” on a steel silhouette target 1,200 yards away.

Doug Glorfield, a Whitman County farmer, knows a few things about these numbers and more, including the unpredictable nature of grain prices. “I built the range as a business to give our family a little diversity from the highs and lows of running a farm,” he said. The competition range stretches across nearly 900 acres of farmland and cattle grazing; another range encompasses 300 acres. [Read More]

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