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Long-Range Shooting VIDEOS

Long Range Bucket

Quigley Down Under (1990) Clip

10 Steps for Hitting at Long Range  1:00 min.

Follow these tips to eventually ring steel at distance every time you pull the trigger.

Bipod vs Bag Shooting with Ryan Cleckner,  1:19 min.

Former Army Ranger sniper team leader Ryan Cleckner demonstrates why he prefers shooting off a bag when in the prone position.

Accuracy & Precision Defined – Applied Ballistics,  4:46 min.

Bryan Litz, Ballistician, Author and President of Applied Ballistics, shares with long range shooting enthusiasts the science behind long range shooting in his DVD “Putting Rounds on Target with Bryan Litz.” In this introductory video Bryan discusses accuracy vs. precision.

Bushnell’s Long Range Shooting System,  1:47 min.

 This range finder and scope combo could make long-range shooting a whole lot simpler.

How To Shoot Long Range on a Budget,  3:44 min.

You too can hit 1,000 yards with a budget of less than $1,000. No, the suppressor and Atlas bipod are not necessary.

1 Mile Shot | 10.25 lb. Gunwerks Magnus in 300 PRC,  1:36 min.

An ideal solution to a light weight Ultra Long Range Hunting rig. The Gunwerks Magnus in 300 PRC. Chris Hinojosa, from Gunwerks, demonstrates a One Mile Shot with this build.

Long Range Shooting 500-1190 Yards Gunwerks 6.5-284 Norma,  7:18 min.

Putting Adam Atkinson new Gunwerks 6.5 – 284 to the test on steel at 500, 700, 1025 and 1190 yards.

Antelope Hunting with the Gunwerks Crew,  21:07 min.

Long shots with some new equipment and new faces at Gunwerks. Kregg Thomasson, Janet Davidson, and Erin Kreider all make great shots at Wyoming Pronghorn, but Mike shows them all how to shoot with a 715 yard shot that is truly unbelievable–with a muzzle loader!

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