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Long-Range Shooting VIDEOS

Hemispheric Distortions | Long-Range Rifle Shooting with Ryan Cleckner 1:06 min.

Do bullets fly differently north and south of the equator? Ryan Cleckner explains “Hemispheric Distortions,” a highly complex scientific concept that you should completely disregard.

Ghost Firearms Training Long Range Precision Course in the East 2:36 min.

Whether you are a hunter, target shooter, or beginner rifle enthusiast, the Long Range Precision Rifle Training Classes will teach you the skills necessary to confidently engage targets out to 1000+ Yards and beyond. Classes are held in Lewistown, Pennsylvania 1000+ yard range A short drive from New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia and Connecticut. For more information regarding the courses Ghost Firearms Training has to offer please click HERE. …

Long Range University Introduction in the West 5:54 min.

Find out what Long Range University is all about. Aaron Davidson explains why LRU stands head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to long range hunting and shooting education.

Bullet Performance | In Long Range Shooting 5:52 min.

Just because you can shoot long range, doesnt always mean you should hunt long range. In this tip Mike talks us through the ethics of taking a long range shot on an animal, and what you should look for in your bullets performance before making a long range kill.

Optics: John Chapman and the Steiner M5Xi 5-25×56 1:57 min.

The Steiner 5-25×56 M5Xi Military Riflescope is a long-range precision military scope designed for use on long range tactical and sniper rifles

Sniper’s Hide Gear Review. Nightforce, Burris, Bergara 10:05 min.

Taking a short look at the gear we use in the videos, Bergara Custom Rifles, Burris XTR-II and Nightforce,

6 Best Long Range Scopes at 1000+ Yards (Text only)

Scope Tracking Drill – Long Range Shooting Technique 5:02 min.

Ryan Cleckner explains that not all scopes track identically and offers a drill you can use to find out if your scope over or under tracks in both windage and elevation.

Long Range Shooting 1 Mile (1760 yards) 7mm – 300 Win Mag 2:55 min.

Dispatching Coyotes From 1085 Yards! – Long Range Hunting 6:01 min.

Travis Schneider and the Stuck N The Rut Crew make long kill shots on some Idaho Coyotes with the Gunwerks LR-1000 7mm and the G7 BR2 Rangefinder.

4549 Yard Shot by HCR Team 3:48 min.

Hill Country Rifles records four hits at 4,549 yards

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