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Steve Comus

September 1, 2018 — For many decades, institutions of higher education (brainwashing gulags) have been havens for seditious thought, taking the counter-culture concept to its illogical extreme.

These institutions and subversives within them want to dismantle traditional American society. They are a cancer on the body politic.

They can’t stand the thought that they might have to coexist with the masses, who in their minds are not worthy of human status. They sit atop their imagined pedestals, thinking down on the rest of us, who they view as cretins, at best.

If nothing else, anti-gun folks provide an endless supply of insane and inane fodder for discussion. Take the University of Kansas professor who canceled his office hours after the campus allowed concealed carry.

That’s right. This coward said he was canceling normal office hours because people were allowed to exercise their Constitutional rights. He’s afraid. He can’t handle freedoms for others, but instead insists on insulating himself within the idealistic cocoon of academic privilege.

Flag & Cross newsletter reported that Professor Eric Rath of the History and East Asian Studies departments, in a two-page statement, noted: “’Although you may be entitled by law to carry a gun, I urge you not to do so. … I do not want to worry about whether you might react by pulling a gun on me, or whether you might have an improperly secured weapon in your belt or bag…’”

The professor explained: “With guns allowed on campus, I no longer feel safe having visitors in my office; so instead of in person office hours, I am available for consultation via email or Skype on the hours indicated above and by appointment. Should you wish to meet in person, the appointment will be at a secure or public location of my choosing, but not my office. Please read the statement about concealed weapons at the end of the syllabus.”

The university needs to end all of his office hours permanently by removing him from their institution for being Constitutionally undesirable. If he can’t handle the realities of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, he doesn’t merit exercise of the First Amendment.

If he actually feels unsafe on campus because of the new rules, then he shouldn’t go on campus at all. He should pack up and get out.

The ironies are so thick in this particular case that they could be cut with a knife – a wakizashi to be more precise (the shorter of the two swords/edged weapons used by Japanese samurai). You see, this clown, at least in theory, teaches about samurai and that sort of thing. Samurai may have been accused of many things, but never of the cowardice this yoyo demonstrates.

Historically, college professors have been characterized as living in ivory towers. Looks like a valid description here of a milquetoast who wants to hide in his position of privilege.

His own words witness that truth when he says he feels unsafe in the presence of guns, and yet wants to meet with folks only in a “secure” place. Gun-free zones are proven to be unsafe places, so what this pseudo-academe is actually saying is that he doesn’t mind being in the presence of guns, just not guns borne legally by the citizenry.

As detestable as this dweeb is, he does demonstrate one common characteristic of antis: they don’t just dislike guns and those who own and use them. Rather, they fear the guns themselves and then transfer that fear of guns into a hatred of those who own and use them.

Prey fear everything. With his announcement, the professor affirms to the world that he is prey. Such is the reason that lunatic mass murderers are drawn to gun-free zones like some educational campuses. They know that no one there will stop them. And that is why enlightened institutions like the University of Kansas allow concealed carry in the first place.

In the presence of a crazed shooter, prey huddle and hope they will not be sacrificed on their altar of fear and self-inflicted helplessness. In such situations, others instinctively fight back – and the best way to do that in a gunfight is with a gun. Duh!

One thing is certain: evil exists. To survive, it is necessary to be able to defend against it. The problem is that many folks are so insulated from the real world that they cannot imagine that they might have to defend themselves. In their lives, others have done that for them. They assume that others always will.

The fallacy is the assumption that there will be someone close enough at the moment of truth to defend them, especially if they reject the concept of concealed carry for their fellow citizens. Simply put, they assure their own vulnerability.

It can all be summed up in two words: “entitlement” and “privilege.” Antis think they are entitled to a free ride and that the entitlement comes to them because they are owed such privilege, due to their misguided sense of social significance.

Fact is that they are nothing more than parasites, like squealing pigs bellied-up to the trough. They lack even a hint of redeeming social value.

In the end, it is not a question of whether some passive-aggressive book worm wants to have office visits. It is that he and his ilk should not have an office for such visits in the first place.

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