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Making Ammunition VIDEOS

GUNTALK S2: Inside Black Hills Ammunition – Ep 9, Pt 1, 7:39 min.

In this episode from the second season of GUNTALK Television: Tom visits Jeff Hoffman, President of Black Hills Ammunition, for a factory tour and ammunition testing, and even some long-range shooting.

How Ammo Is Made  4:30 min.

Get an inside look at the how ammunition is made with this step-by-step production guide from NRA E-Media and the experts at Hornady.

Winchester Blind Side Waterfowl Ammunition  3:49 min.

Blind Side combines ground-breaking stacked Hex Steel Shot technology and the new diamond cut wad in the most deadly Winchester waterfowl load available. Loaded with 100% Hex Shot, you get more pellets on target, a larger kill zone and more trauma inducing pellets than ever before, meaning more fast kills

Wound Ballistics – Round Nose vs Hollow Point  5:23 min.

This demonstration shows the difference between the two most common types of bullets. The most effective bullet is a bullet that stops the target in just one shot. But there are circumstances when it’s better to wound the enemy, rather than kill them.

Home Defense: Buckshot vs. Birdshot  4:24 min.

For home defense options, what’s more effective? Buckshot or birdshot? Roy Huntington, editor of American Handgunner, takes on this question after field testing 00 buck and #8 birdshot out of a Remington 870 at a close-range target.

Truckload of Ammo | National Geographic  4:14 min.

On a rental lot near the border, agents uncover a pickup hiding a massive cache of arms.

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