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Marching For Our Gun Rights

Bob Rogers

Friday, April 13, 2018 – Gun rights advocates – unless they’re in the military or law enforcement – are by nature not protest marchers. We leave that to the gun control wackos. It became instantly obvious after the CNN Townhall opportunity that gun control organizers took it upon themselves to show the teenie-tots from Stoneman Douglas how to put on a media performance that would be worthy of an award for showmanship. The media hoggs got what they wanted after attracting movie and TV celebrity high rollers and musical actors: back-to-back, 24-hour media exposure from one end of the nation to the other. Now it’s “our” turn.

What that means is that pro gun supporters who usually avoid publicity are nonetheless rallying for the cause tomorrow across the nation as several cities large and small will hold rallies in support of the 2A.  And though they will be “armed” in a show of open carry, all guns will be like museum showpieces; they’re there to make a point. Those who will be open carrying will have all guns unloaded. The rally-goers will not be criminals, they will have already passed a panoply of background checks, many of them will have concealed carry or open carry permits, and they won’t be anywhere near as noisy or clumsy as the counter-protesters from the “We Call BS” movement.

Politically, municipal, state and federal lawmakers will take notice. Few of them will be interviewed by TV reporters; they wouldn’t be as interesting – “good copy,” if you will – as the army of adolescents that filled Pennsylvania Avenue last month. But their point will be delivered. Whatever the number of NRA members – five million or five thousand – the groups will likely be much smaller but will be recognized as not just gun owners but as old enough to vote, something the March For Our Lives students have yet to achieve.

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