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The Russian Collusion Case No One in DC Wants to Hear About

Bob Rogers

In the midst of the 2017-2018 Trump-Russia-Collusion flap some young Justice Department turks in tailored suits looking to make their legal mark somewhere, somehow, were gifted by the Obama Democrats with what turned out to be one of the most egregious con jobs in the deep state’s anti-gun, anti-Trump playbook. They arrested a young Russian girl enamoured with guns and admiration for the NRA which she hoped to emulate with her own Russian gun group, The Right To Bear Arms. You can see the background story here.

Maria Butina, seen in recent years at several NRA functions as well as the gun industry’s annual SHOT SHOW, had come to America, enrolled at and studied for a degree at Washington’s American University. The hype that turned out to be the escape clause for former FBI head James Comey who, as others did, anticipated a sure thing Hillary Clinton presidential victory (because all the polls and pundits  knew that Clinton was so far ahead that she’d emerge not just as president, defeating Donald Trump, but as Comey’s boss).

At the time Comey was delivering his report on Hilary’s private server used for State Department business and could only criticize Hillary for “careless handling” of classified documents. Comey had little choice in his Congressionally demanded report but to come up with a soft touch criticism that would not lead to the level of a crime against the government by Clinton nor Clinton’s firing of Comey if he gave an honest report about not just Hillary’s private servers but material on them such as the saga of Benghazi.

Butina was an easy distraction. Only wanting to hang with and emulate the NRA for her own Russian gun group, she met and became active with several American politicians and NRA/Republican members of that gun group. In the confusion of cameras focusing on the election in which Donald Trump somehow went against convention and, thanks to the electoral college representing 37 fly-over states voters, beat Hillary. Democrat members of the deep state swamp couldn’t believe that Clinton lost to Trump.

In the process, however, and since the NRA had boldly advertised its $30 million invested support of the Trump campaign, prosecutors for the Obama Justice Department looked beyond their own political egos to blame somebody and jumped at every opportunity. One of those convenient targets was Butina, arrested on a trumped-up charge as a Russian spy because of her growing group of pro-gun friends but told that if she cooperated she would only get minimum time served as punishment. “Minimum time” was never fully explained to Butina, who could see it as days or weeks, maybe. Instead, she cooperated and the minimum time turned out to be 18 months behind bars.

Her relationship with other Soviet ex-Russian officials as well as the American friends which she was quickly drawn to was enough for the two young prosecutors to justify their own over-the-door shingles.

Now, thoroughly disillusioned with American politics, Butino will be released today and allowed passage back to Russia where she says she will once agakn take up leadership of the NRA-influenced Keep and Bear Arms. If the Russians don’t like it, they can shut her down.  We doubt that they will; Keep and Bear Arms and Maria Butina are not political threats in Russia.  Only in the United States.

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