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MD – GUN CONTROL – One year after June 28: Failed background checks rarely result in perjury prosecutions

Thousands of people each year try to buy guns nationwide even though they are prohibited by federal or state law, but rarely are those cases elevated to a prosecutor’s desk for charges. The federal government referred 23,777 federal background check denials for investigation but only 95 of those were referred for prosecution and even fewer — 25 — resulted in prosecutions, according to fiscal 2016 and 2017 federal data. In fiscal 2016, the federal government put 9.5 million through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. Maryland doesn’t fare much better. From 2016 to June 18, Maryland State Police conducted 501 enforcement actions on failed applications for qualification licenses and purchases, state data shows. Of those, only nine individuals were prosecuted in that same time frame. Five of those prosecutions were announced in 2018 by Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh. In 2018, the state processed 75,231 license and registration applications. [full article]

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