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MD – GUN CONTROL – Type of assault weapon used in Dayton, Ohio, shooting isn’t banned in Maryland. The attorney general wants to change that.

Maryland’s attorney general is urging lawmakers to update the state’s assault weapons ban to outlaw the type of gun used in the recent mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio. “It’s a loophole in our law,” said Attorney General Brian Frosh, who as a Democratic state senator pushed for the passage of the Firearm Safety Act of 2013, which outlawed most assault weapons in Maryland. “It’s outrageous,” Frosh said. “That kind of weapon should not be on the streets, period.” The man who opened fire Aug. 4 in an entertainment district in Dayton, killing nine and injuring more than two dozen others, used an Anderson Manufacturing .223-caliber AM-15 gun, according to police in that city. It’s been described as an AR-15-style pistol. The manufacturer has not sought approval from the Maryland Handgun Roster Board to sell the exact model used in Dayton — the .223-caliber AM-15, according to Maryland State Police. But the board, which reviews gun models for their quality and “utility for legitimate sporting activities, self-protection, or law enforcement, ” has approved for sale a similar gun made by the company, a .300-caliber AM-15.  [full article]

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