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MD – GUN CRIME – How underground gun market arms itself in Baltimore

It’s the tale of the tape in Baltimore. Bodies measured by bullets fired from guns that shouldn’t be here. United States of Attorney for the District of Maryland Robert Hur says, “They’re trading guns for drugs.” It’s a deal that can bring deadly consequences and often does. In February 2017, for the third time in a month, 18-year-old Curtis Deal had been arrested on gun or drug charges.

Body worn camera footage recorded on February 7, 2017 shows Deal in a foot pursuit with a Baltimore Police Officer. The pursuit ends along Frederick Avenue just west of South Monroe Street with Deal being shot as he turns and begins to point the weapon he’s carrying in the direction of police. A Fox45 investigation discovered the gun Deal was carrying had been reported stolen from a home in a small town about 85 miles south of Baltimore. The owner said a family member stole it, drove it into the city, and traded it for heroin. Chad Fox owns a gun shop outside of Baltimore City. Fox found that out a few years ago after a group of thieves targeted his store. The thieves got away with 18 guns; the majority are still on the street. During 2019, the ATF recovered and traced 9,465 firearms in the State of Maryland. Fox said he’s concerned about the guns that have yet to be recovered. Fox suspects some of the weapons have ended up in Baltimore where he said they’re likely being carried by a criminal prohibited from possessing a handgun.  [full article]

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