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MD – GUN CRIME – Illegal-gun dealer targeted Baltimore teens on Instagram (VIDEO)

Baltimore teens admit getting a gun is easy in the City of Baltimore. A FOX45 investigation discovered in some cases finding a gun is just a click away on an app most likely on your phone and/or your kid’s phone. Terrel Elliott is in federal prison after attempting to sell, trade, and rent guns to teens in Baltimore. Elliott made a name for himself on Instagram. The 24-year-old online entrepreneur appeared to have little fear of getting caught for gun trafficking. Under the account gungang_streetz and streetz da shoota, Elliott frequently posted pictures of the pistols. We found a single post that showed as many as six guns pictured. Federal authorities began to track Elliott in October 2017. This is sort of case being aggressively pursued by the ATF and the U.S. Attorney in Maryland. Maryland U.S. Attorney Robert Hur pointed to the number of cases his office has charged as evidence of the aggressiveness his office has taken to prosecute these gun cases. Hur said his office has charged 86 federal gun possession cases this year. Elliott became a target under Project Exile. The effort takes aim at repeat violent offenders who continue to possess guns and continue to contribute to violent crime on Baltimore streets. In the case of Terrel Elliott he looked to get guns into the hands of City teenagers in the market for a gun. Elliott is currently serving a 15 year sentence in federal prison.  [view source]

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