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MD – OPINION – Today’s gun buyer isn’t the stereotype critics suggest

There has been recent gnashing of teeth that firearm sales across the nation are shattering records. That is true in Maryland too. Those favoring gun control are wondering what is driving Americans in record numbers to purchase a firearm in 2020. There are some who can’t understand why anyone, much less a Marylander, would choose to exercise their right to keep and bear arms. Even in this deep blue Democratic state, where Joe Biden beat Donald Trump, by more than 30%, gun sales have soared. Maryland authorities conducted 273,278 background checks for the purchase of a firearm so far this year. That dwarfs the 148,813 checks last year. It is also in line with the national trend. It’s important to put this into perspective. In Maryland, more than a quarter million of our neighbors legally purchased a firearm. They filled out the background check forms and completed the required safety course. They acquired the necessary permits, submitting their information to the state authorities and the FBI to verify they are law-abiding citizens who can be trusted to exercise their rights. The firearm industry surveyed gun retailers this year to find out just who is buying these guns and why. Astonishingly, 40% of those buying guns today are buying one for the first time in their lives. Before 2020, these individuals never owned a gun. Across the nation, that equates to nearly 7.7 million people. Here in Maryland that’s over 109,000 of us.  [full article]



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