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MD – RETAILERS – Maryland Gun Purchase Applications Have Jumped Nearly 48% In 2020

The number of gun purchase applications processed by the Maryland State Police so far this year is already about 48% higher than the total number of applications processed last year, according to data MSP recently provided to MarylandReporter.com. Between Jan. 1-Oct. 23, 2020 MSP’s Licensing Division processed 79,269 applications. By comparison, MSP processed 53,726 applications in 2019 and 53,544 applications in 2018. The state appears to be following a national trend. A recent University of California study said that during this past spring-which marked the height of the pandemic-that nationwide gun sales increased more than 64%. But what accounts for the recent uptick in gun purchases? Is it the coronavirus pandemic? The prospect of Democrat Joe Biden winning the presidency and pressing for more gun regulations? “I think its probably a combination of both,” Del. Brian Chisholm (R-Anne Arundel) said in a phone interview on Tuesday. Chisholm added: “If you turn on the nightly news, obviously, if it bleeds it leads. And with the riots in Portland and riots throughout the country-I think that it plays to the human internal fear of not being able to protect yourself. We are all born with the need to protect ourselves and I think that all of these images scare people. Chisholm reiterated that the prospect of a Biden win coupled with the pandemic are probably the reasons gun sales have surged in Maryland.  [full article]

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