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ME – GUN POLITICS – Is Congress trying to pass new taxes, laws on guns during pandemic? (VIDEO)

A post that’s circulating on social media and by email has many Mainers wondering if it’s true. The post references House bill 5717 and claims it will add a 30% tax on all guns, a 50% tax on all ammo and will require a federal license to purchase. It also says you would need a license to own guns. H.R. 5717 was introduced in Congress in January by Rep. Hank Johnson, a Georgia Democrat. The companion bill in the Senate is from Senator Elizabeth Warren. The statements in the post are true. If passed, the excise tax on gun sales would go up to 30% and 50% for ammunition sales. You would also need a state or federal license to “purchase, acquire, or possess a firearm or ammunition.”  Not mentioned in that post but also in the bill is a ban on semiautomatic guns, which is referred to in the bill as “assault weapons.” None of Maine’s members of Congress are co-sponsors of the bill.  [view source]

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