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ME – HUNTING – Benton girl, 16, completes big game ‘grand slam’ in six months

Most hunters only dream of earning a big game “grand slam,” which requires tagging a deer, turkey, bear and moose within one year. For Cassidy Rood, 16, of Benton that dream became reality when she shot a four-point buck Oct. 24, on her last day as a youth hunter. “It feels really good,” Rood said. “To know that I did that, I just sat back and said, ‘Wow.’” A junior at Lawrence High School in Fairfield, Rood claimed the grand slam within six months. Between May and October, Rood shot a 180-pound black bear, a 165-pound buck, a 700-pound moose and a turkey.

“I shot the turkey at the end of May, the bear was shot in September and then the deer and moose were in October,” Rood said. “We shot the bear and the moose up in Rockwood, but we hunt for deer and turkey around here (Benton).” Rood has been hunting with her father, Eric, for as long as she can remember. “He’s been taking me hunting since before I could walk,” Rood said.

“She started when she was 10, because that’s the legal age,” Eric Rood said. “But I’ve been taking her along with me since she was maybe 3 years old.” Hunters in Maine are able to go after turkey, deer and bears by buying the appropriate permits. To pursue the grand slam, however, a hunter must enter the annual moose lottery and be selected for a coveted permit. Many hunters can go years — or entire lives — without being selected.  [full article]

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