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ME – HUNTING – Orono man bags deer with monster rack to complete his grand slam

When Kale Churchill was a young boy, he went hunting with his grandfather, but he says those trips afield were largely nature hikes. They filled no tags while pursuing deer and turkeys, but had a fun time anyway. “That was the last time he hunted — until this year. And what a hunting year it has been for Churchill.” That year of hunting culminated on Friday — the day before his 23rd birthday — when he bagged a buck with a monstrous rack while hunting in Milford. The deer was his first. So, too, were the bear, moose and wild turkey he shot earlier in 2020. In Maine, that’s the big game “grand slam,” and relatively few hunters bag all four species in the same calendar year. Limiting the number in that club: In order to shoot a moose in Maine, you’ve got to win a permit through a state-run lottery. This year, just 3,135 hunters received those permits. Churchill said he went to Milford on Friday to hunt on land owned by his grandfather-in-law, Steven St. Louis. His father-in-law, Richard Lee, lives just across the road. It didn’t take long for him to have some company near his stand. At about 6:15 a.m., a doe and a fawn walked into view. They stuck around for a while, then left. [full article]


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