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ME – OPINION – As the fools in Washington speak, the guns in Maine multiply

What’s the next worse thing to a mentally unstable person with a gun? A mentally unstable, high-ranking government official urging people to lock and load because civil war is just around the corner. “If you carry guns, buy ammunition, ladies and gentlemen, because it’s going to be hard to get,” Michael Caputo, the embattled communications chief for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, warned his followers Sunday in a now-infamous Facebook video. The same video in which he warned that leftist “hit squads” are training for an armed uprising in America’s streets should Donald Trump win re-election in November. Caputo, by any measure, is a deeply troubled man. In his 26-minute Facebook rant, he also spoke of ominous shadows on the ceiling of his apartment in Washington, D.C., and readily acknowledged that “my mental health has definitely failed.” Not surprisingly, Caputo has taken a break from his duties to try to get his head on straight. Very surprisingly, he still has a job. But here’s the truly scary part. In a country simultaneously beset by multiple crises, Caputo becomes the latest member of Team Trump (led by the president himself) to start lighting matches and mindlessly throwing them into what has become a national powder keg. Already here in Maine, like so many other places, you can smell something burning: On Monday, 84-year-old George Kibitz made his initial court appearance in Knox County on a charge of criminal threatening after he allegedly entered a supermarket in Rockland on June 28 and confronted a couple who were not masked as mandated during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to police, Kibitz lifted his shirt to show a gun and told the two other shoppers that maybe he would shoot people who aren’t wearing face coverings. A similar incident occurred a month later at a Dunkin’ in Rockland when a masked customer confronted an unmasked one, prompting the latter to imply he had a gun under his shirt. No charges were filed, police said, because there was no explicit threat.  [full article]


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