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Mental Illness and Guns VIDEOS

The Truth About Mental Illness and Guns 7:47 min.

In the wake of any mass shooting, there’s a predictable and justified burst of public outrage and sorrow followed by a series of “do something now” legislative proposals meant to prevent similar tragedies from ever occurring again. Depending on the political leanings of the politician or media figure offering the solution, the proposal often rests upon one of these twin assumptions: We must rid the world of the wrong kinds of weapons (i.e., “assault weapons”), or, we must keep guns away from the wrong kinds of people (i.e., “crazy people”).

We Took A Mental Patient To Buy A Gun—Here’s What Happened 3:59 min.

With gun violence constantly in the news, mental illness and firearms are back in the national conversation. But how easy is it for someone with a history of mental illness to get a gun?

The Hidden Truth About Gun Background Checks – Exposed by NRA 4:37 min.

Here’s what the media won’t tell you. The NRA has fought for 20 years to put the records of those adjudicated mentally incompetent into the National Instant Check System. And until the politicians demand that they are submitted, killers who are legally prohibited from owning firearms will walk into gun stores and pass every background check they take.

Denzel Washington Blasts the Media on Dishonesty and “Fake News” 1:06 min.

He was at the center of a fake news story, but Denzel Washington says it’s the mainstream media that’s selling “BS.” … “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you do read it, you’re misinformed,” Washington, the star and director behind the new film “Fences,” told ITK at the Wednesday premiere inside the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Emotional Speech from Sandy Hook Victim’s Dad: “The Problem is not Gun Laws” 10:51 min.

Mark Mattioli, whose six-year-old son James perished inside of the school, testified that a plethora of new gun laws isn’t the answer and that, instead, personal responsibility, accountability and civility are the best path forward. He made his comments over four years ago as intense debate surrounding gun control and the causal factors behind the shooting continue to be at the forefront of public discussion.

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