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MI – CAMPUS GUNS – Schools installing new security measures after teen accused of bringing gun to basketball game (VIDEO)

A local school district has banned people from bringing bags to its sporting events after a teenager brought a gun to a basketball game. It happened Friday night at Carman-Ainsworth High School. Investigators say they spotted the teen in the bleachers with what appeared to be an outline of a gun in his pocket. When they tried to confront him, he ran. The teen was quickly caught, and a handgun was found. The district has now banned bags at its sporting events and is considering the use of metal detectors. Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools is not the only district that’s taking action. “They want to go to events with their families and enjoy those events. And they want to know when they’re at those events they’re safe,” Grand Blanc Community Schools Superintendent Clarence Garner said. Grand Blanc High School is ensuring that safety with a no bag policy at school events. The district implemented its no bag policy in September.

“Without people bringing in additional bags, it’s a way for us to monitor what’s coming in,” Garner said. Garner said the absence of bags at games is one less thing they will have to worry about. But the district may be taking more measures after a gun was discovered at Carman-Ainsworth High School during a basketball game against Grand Blanc. “Based on the event that recently took place, we had a discussion on what things might look like moving forward,” Garner said.  [full article]

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