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MI – GUN POLITICS – States grapple with open-carry gun laws and the polls

Michigan’s attorney general is preparing to release new guidance as soon as next week to law enforcement officials across the state about people bringing guns to the polls on Election Day, as election officials across the country wrestle with how to address heightened tensions and threats of violence over the election. The pressure to ensure a safe election in Michigan was ratcheted up even higher Thursday after more than a dozen people were charged in an alleged domestic terrorism plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, a Democrat. “If you plan to vote in the state of Michigan, and I will say this for states all across the country where attorney generals are very engaged, we will ensure that it is safe and secure and that you can vote without threat and that is more important to us right now than virtually anything,” state Attorney General Dana Nessel said Friday on CNN’s “New Day.” Nessel said earlier this week that she was developing guidance to send to all law enforcement officials in the state regarding what is considered voter suppression and what is allowed under Michigan’s open-carry gun laws. Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson was unclear on whether her office would allow individuals to bring guns to the polls when asked at the opening of a satellite voting location in Detroit on Monday but said voter intimidation would not be tolerated.  [full article]

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