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MI – GUN VIOLENCE – ‘No shortage of gun violence’: What ATF is doing to combat spike in illegal gun sales in Metro Detroit (VIDEO)

DETROIT – Last year officials saw gun sales surge to a record high.But it’s the illegal gun sales in Metro Detroit that are grabbing the attention of ATF agents. Keith Krolczyk is an assistant special agent in charge of ATF Detroit.

“There is no shortage of gun violence in Detroit,” Krolczyk said. Agents have been making arrests throughout Metro Detroit using a combination of insiders, online chatter and social media. According to the ATF, there were 189 firearms-related crimes charged in the Eastern District of Michigan last year. One example of what’s been going on, involves a case out of the Southgate and New Boston communities. Antonio Edwards is a convicted felon who was on probation when agents said he was looking to purchase a gun illegally. “It’s our job at ATF to reduce violent crime to protect the public. And that is by going after these people that possess firearms illegally,” Krolczyk said.  [full article]

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