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MI – HUNTING – Hunters say November’s early snow will be good for firearm season

Michigan’s firearm deer season starts Friday and although it’s not an official holiday, many are taking off the day to head out to the woods. “Bows be putting away…guns all coming out,” laughed hunter Rylen Drostha. Young, but certainly not an inexperienced hunter, Rylen Drostha, used Thursday to grab some last minute necessities. On the list, gloves, flannel and heater to keep him warm especially with snow on the ground. “You got to bundle up, it looks like it’s going to be pretty cold,” said Drostha. But the cold and snow won’t bother hunters….in fact many are looking saying it’s a positive. “The deer will be forging a lot better because they are looking for food that they want to eat,” explained Chuck Desander, the owner of Specialized Deer Processing. “The deer like to move when it’s cold in the morning and at night…so be ready,” Senca Desander added. Hunters say the snow on the ground will also make it easier to track deer and the colder weather is better for the ones that are harvested.  [full article]

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