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MI – HUNTING – ‘You just react’ — Hunter deaths shadow opening of Michigan firearms season

This is the week each year when anticipation builds for the traditional Opening Day of Michigan firearms deer season, which begins Friday. Hunters are sighting-in guns, gathering gear, tracking weather reports and recalling past hunts. It’s also the week in which spouses, children, parents and friends routinely urge hunters to “be careful out there.” The odds of hunters killing themselves or other hunters are tiny by most standards and — until last year — had been improving. Still, the combination of high-powered rifles, shotguns, muzzleloaders, handguns and crossbows and the inevitability of human error or just plain stupidity has consequences. Too often, hunting has become deadly for some, tragic for those left with lifelong disabilities and emotionally scarring for those whose reckless handling of firearms or failure to clearly identify targets led to tragedy. In many cases, the shooter is also the victim. In the first two days of last year’s firearms season, three hunters in three Michigan counties never made it home. Their deaths have left deep holes in the lives of families and friends and — in different ways — the people who killed them.  [full article]

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