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MI – LAW ENFORCEMENT – Police take real life training into neighborhoods

Police officers with semi-automatic weapons shouted “get your hands up.” They also responded to reports of fellow officers being shot. All of the activity occurring Tuesday inside vacant homes was strictly for training by members of the Special Weapons and Tactics, or SWAT, Unit from the Michigan City Police Department and the Emergency Response Team at the LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office. For about four hours, officers in full response gear practiced drug raids and other high-risk situations at four empty dwellings on State Street, Park Street and John Street in LaPorte. More than a dozen officers discussed strategy before marching inside to sharpen their skills.

Their mission, as in real life, was making apprehensions without anyone getting hurt, and reacting properly when there was an injury. Their weapons were not loaded. “It’s as realistic as we can make it in a training scenario without actually having live fire,” said Cpl. Mike King, a SWAT training coordinator for Michigan City Police.  [full article]

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