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MI – RETAILERS – Gun store owner says mass shootings often leads to uptick in business (VIDEO)

It feels like a never-ending nightmare for so many Americans – mass shooting after mass shooting. “This is an AK,” said Bill Kucyk, owner of Action Impact in Southfield. “Similar to the one used in Dayton?” “Yes, very similar,” said Kucyk. FOX 2: “This man had this gun legally?” “Absolutely, like any other rifle,” he said. “And If you have a number of these magazines, certainly like he did in Dayton, you can switch them out in a number of seconds.” At least 31 people were shot and killed in two mass shootings in just 24 hours including 22 people in El Paso on Saturday – and nine killed in Dayton on Sunday. Kucyk said he notices an uptick in business whenever tragedies like these happen. “Many people showed up today and they are on the range training,” he said. “I have got to believe that they are somehow related.” Kucyk showed the type of weapon the accused mass shooter used in El Paso, an AR-15. FOX 2: “Did these victims in El Paso or Dayton even have a chance with these rifles?” “No,” Kucyk said.  [full article]

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