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MI – RETAILERS – Men Get Trapped Inside Downriver Gun Shop During Break-In [VIDEO]

Two would-be thieves caught in the act Downriver as they tried to make off with hundreds of dollars worth of guns and ammo. The suspects, said to be in their late teens or early 20s, got into Recoil Firearms store along Ecorse Road, near Telegraph Road in Taylor, by breaking in through the roof around 2:30 a.m. Tuesday. Once inside, police say the suspects collected weapons and ammunition from around the store, but in doing so they tripped the silent alarm. Officers responded, noticed two people inside the shop and set up a perimeter around the building. The suspects spent about 20 minutes inside, before breaking out a window in the front of the building attempting to leave — but they ended up getting trapped inside. One suspect was immediately apprehended while the other was caught after a short foot chase. Investigators believe the break-in may be connected to a similar incident in Westland. Taylor Police are working with ATF on this case, and possibly others in the region. An investigation is ongoing.  [full article]

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