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MI – SELF-PROTECTION – A rural Michigan district may become the state’s first to arm teachers (VIDEO)

Steve Guerra has 74 doors, more than 200 windows, and not nearly enough shatterproof tape to cover them all. So the Addison Community Schools superintendent has deployed the tape strategically throughout his campus: a single building in rural southeast Michigan that contains three grade schools for fewer than 1,000 students. Since his budget doesn’t allow for hiring an officer, Mr. Guerra and the school board are considering whether to become one of the first districts in Michigan where teachers can carry concealed firearms, a precedent-setting move that would lay the groundwork for other districts across the state to follow suit and join the national debate over arming teachers. In rural districts especially, many school leaders see arming teachers, principals, and custodians as a solution to lagging response times and tight budgets. But those against it cite concerns about training and effectiveness and research that concludes it would actually make schools less safe. While Mr. Guerra, who’s licensed to carry a concealed pistol, said he’s ready and willing to have his gun at school, the school board isn’t in any hurry to let him. “The board realizes this is a sensitive issue and regardless of the outcome, we want to make sure all avenues have been explored,” Addison School Board President Michael Murphy said. “This is just the first part of the equation. If the board decides to allow the arming of our staff, it doesn’t mean it’s approved on Monday and Tuesday morning the staff is armed.”  [full article]

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