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MI – SELF-PROTECTION – Militias, Trump, civil war fears prompt gun sales spike for Black Michiganders

Sharon Spivey-Oliver says she’s experienced more racism than ever in the last few years. This summer alone, a former co-worker suggested on Facebook that the Ku Klux Klan quell the Black Lives Matter movement, and a woman told her to “know her place” after cutting in line at a supermarket. In April, amid the uncertain early days of the coronavirus pandemic, the Detroit woman upgraded her self-defense weapon from a claw hammer to a .38 revolver. Her husband, Vaughn, bought his first firearm as well.  “Since the new president, there’s been an uptick in people being very confrontational about race relations,” said Spivey-Oliver, 54, who works in cranial prosthesis for people with severe hair loss for the Veterans Administration. “I’ve never had the experiences I’m having now. Neither one of us has ever owned guns before, but just seeing the climate made us have to think about the safety of our home.” She’s among a record number of African Americans in Michigan and nationwide who are buying guns this year in part because of a host of concerns including the pandemic and police violence to fears of civil war and President Donald Trump telling the neo-fascist Proud Boys in a recent debate to “stand back and stand by.” And that was before this week’s stunning charges that members of a militia group allegedly hatched a plot to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and  overthrow the state government.  [full article]

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