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Michael Bloomberg, President and New Top Gun Salesman

Bob Rogers

The race is on for the 2020 presidential primaries and Mike Bloomberg may just run away with the Democratic nomination.

While he has little passion for the title, President of the United States, Bloomberg does have an affinity for supporting measures he feels is contrary to the public health. One of those undertakings was his ban on large sugary soda drinks. Another is his campaign against guns.
The coming summer will see who lets the dogs out, likely some 20 Democrats who will take the stage initially in the primaries, a tour ‘d force elimination contest that will culminate with a presidential challenger to President Trump.

While nothing is guaranteed for either side, let’s suppose that the Democratic challenger is, like Trump, a billionaire who can self-finance his own campaign. That factor is attractive to both parties, leaving the bulk of their campaign treasuries available to spend on congressional candidates and other issues-oriented obligations.
So what we have here is billionaire Bloomberg versus billionaire Trump, literally an even financial battlefield. But that’s where the similarities end. Given the time, treasure and effort currently being spent to get rid of Donald Trump by the anti-gun media, let’s speculate that Bloomberg wins the 2020 national election and becomes our second anti-gun president.

Yes, we said it: our second anti-gun president. Barack Obama was the first and he was unintentionally declared the best gun salesman on the planet because of the fear he generated among gun advocates that he would “take away” their guns. He didn’t, of course, because of that nagging and impeccable Second Amendment clause in the Constitution.

But the die had been cast; fear of gun restrictions took hold, and the boom in firearm sales rocketed to the greatest sales height in history. A President Bloomberg would cause no less a run on gun sales and the firearms industry, Gun Owners of America, the Second Amendment Foundation, the National Shooting Sports Foundation and the NRA couldn’t be happier.

Similarly, Democrats have accepted the mantle of gun controllers-in-chief with a sense of prideful urgency and they are likely to be thrown under the bus en masse as the result of their own too much.
Could Trump pull yet another surprise….reelection? Yes, that’s as possible as it unlikely seemed in November 2017 when The Donald – against all odds – took Hillary to the woodshed, and won the electoral college vote to become #45.

Such a scenario might leave gun owners either confused or at wits end. But as an industry, gun makers and their lobby partners will just smile all the way to the bank.

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