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When Your Mind Turns To Brain Floss, It’s Time To Call The Pentagon

Weekend, July 15-16, 2017 – Military acquisitions contractors, it seems, are always ripe for new toys.  We all remember the $400 toilet seat, don’t we? Spending the taxpayers’ money is an art in Washington, DC and no one there is anxious to change their underwear, much less their spending habits. So it should come as no surprise that the Pentagon spends lots – repeat, LOTS – of taxpayer money letting out procurement conditions for new guns and other military hardware that have gun makers resorting to just short of name-calling their competitors, all of whom are hoping to secure rich military contracts. Beretta, for example, after what seemed like an eternity in production of their near universal military sidearm, the iconic M9, finally lost out to Sig Sauer’s P320.  But then, Glock, who was leading the pack at one interval, complained to the Pentagon that they should review, probably for the umpteenth time, their choice of pistols, charging that government inspectors were premature in their choice of the SIG.

Eventually, that little tussle among friendly fire friends will come to a conclusion but not before other Pentagonal wish-book items will force federal bureaucrats to begin foaming at the mouth. With endless items available, some of which would make a taxpayer’s skin crawl, the government brass will begin yet another review of “opportunities” to buy, buy, buy, whether a product is needed or not. And some of those – like the toilet seat, the latest model of which the military paid $640, along with screws costing $37 apiece and a coffeemaker worth $7622.  And they ended up with lousy coffee, to boot.

In that spirit, however, we’ve delved into the GunProPlus archives to come up with a few items that just couldn’t cut the mustard, some of which we hope you’ll enjoy in this presentation of…

Top 5 Dumb Gun Products 7:18 min.

Sometimes you are left wondering what the hell someone was thinking when they slapped their label on a product. In this episode of TFBTV, Patrick is going to take a look at his top five picks for the dumbest gun products he has come across either as a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog or as a consumer.

Five Pointless, But Fun Guns 15:09 min.

**There is not a P90 in this video, nor is there a real Uzi** Some guns are for hunting, some guns are for defense, but some exist just to bring a smile to your face! Of course there is nothing wrong with buying a blaster just to make you happy.

Top 5 Hilariously Bad Carry Guns 5:28 min.

When it comes to self defense, having a gun is certainly better than not having one. That said, in this day and age there are certainly choices that are definitively bad. In this list we present 5 handguns that we believe are quite poor when it comes to personal protection.

Worst Guns in History 11:00 min.

These guns defy description much less use.

10 Insane Guns of ALL TIME 7:03 min.

Hello to the Little one, the Bigger one, and the Biggest! Today, we’re offering you weapons of any taste and size. Here are Ten of the Coolest and most Unusual guns of all times.

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