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MN – HUNTING – Explore the Outdoors this Winter Hunting Minnesota Small Game

Hunting pheasants, ruffed grouse, squirrels, or rabbits offers opportunities to enjoy the Minnesota outdoors as temperatures fall and snow blankets the landscape. “Small game hunting remains a great way to stay active or even start a new hunting tradition as weather changes and winter sets in,” said James Burnham, hunter and angler recruitment coordinator with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Anyone looking to learn more about how or where to hunt can find more information and how-to guides on the DNR’s learn to hunt pages. From grasslands to frozen wetlands, pheasant hunters can find good numbers of birds during late-season hunts. Pheasants that had found cover in standing crops now congregate in tall grass or cattail marshes.

As it gets colder and cattail sloughs and wetlands begin to freeze, hunters should be able to reach areas they couldn’t before. Hunters should always put safety first and stay off thin ice. “Pheasant hunting involves a good amount of walking so it’s easier to stay warm, and it’s a fun way to get into the fresh air and sunshine when days are shorter and we tend to spend more time indoors,” Burnham said. On Dec. 1, the daily bag limit increased to three roosters, with a possession limit of nine roosters. The season is open through Sunday, Jan. 3. Shooting hours are 9 a.m. to sunset. More information is available on the DNR pheasant hunting page.  [full article]


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