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MN – LE – Gun-wielding police surprise Minnesota reporter at home during hostage investigation. Here’s his experience

So an interesting thing happened Wednesday night. Police knocked my door in and came in SWAT-style. Guns up, flashlights illuminating my dark staircase, shouting that they’re the police. I would like to say I used a manly voice to say my hands are up but I’m sure it was more falsetto than a baritone. I was handcuffed and my apartment was searched. They ask if I’m alone. I say it’s just me and my dog. “Is she friendly?” someone asks. I’m hesitant. She is but … she’s a jerk. I can picture her barking and possibly attacking someone but she’s also a coward, often cowering behind me after getting too big for her britches at other bigger dogs. “She’s friendly,” I said. I sat there thinking about what I could have done. I mean, I’ve got parking tickets but this would surely be an overreaction to that, right? The officer who is watching over myself and my dog tells me he’ll explain the situation once the apartment was cleared. “Just to make sure everything is safe,” he said. Makes sense, I thought. No worries. I’d been in handcuffs before. Even to jail. It’s not so bad. They give you a fruit pie and some slippers. This is made even weirder because I cover law enforcement and public safety for the West Central Tribune. (Fargo-based Forum Communications owns the Tribune.) I’ve written about multiple search warrants like this. I’m honestly wondering what exactly I wrote to upset them this much.  [full article]

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