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MN – SELF-PROTECTION – Republicans wants Minnesota businesses liable for banning guns

If you insist on bringing a firearm inside a coffee shop with a “no guns” sign, the owner can tell you to leave, and if you don’t, it’s a petty misdemeanor. (First offense is only about $25, and they can’t take your gun away, but still.) Minnesota Rep. Jeremy Munson (R-Crystal) believes that creates a “false sense of security.” “As a permit to carry holder, it’s frustrating when you want to go out to Minneapolis and St. Paul and there’s a restaurant that says ‘no guns allowed,’” he says. “There’s nothing preventing criminals who carry guns from doing so… Maybe [the permit holder] has a restraining order, or they’re being stalked.” Munson didn’t care to say exactly how often he carries his gun on him while in the Twin Cities. He did mention that there’s no restriction on carrying your gun with you to the Capitol, as long as you have a permit. Under Munson’s proposed bill, HF3051, if you suffer a “loss” because you weren’t allowed to have your gun with you – be that injury, a death, or your wallet – you can take the property owner to court. It’s a way to “hold the business owner liable,” he told the Session Daily, “for not protecting people.” If businesses don’t like being responsible for their customers’ safety, he says, they can take the sign down and let citizens fend for themselves.  [full article]

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