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MO – GUN NEWS –  Missouri House passes bill for guns on buses, public transit (VIDEO)

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – People with concealed carry licenses could soon bring their firearms on public transit in Missouri. The Missouri House took up the legislation Monday afternoon, and 124 of the 163 members voted in favor of the measure. House Bill 52, sponsored by Rep. Adam Schnelting, would allow guns on public transit, like the MetroLink in St. Louis, as long as the person has a concealed carry permit. Lawmakers have said this legislation is something they’ve been trying to push for years. Under HB 52, with a permit, a person can bring firearms on publicly funded transportation systems like buses and trains. If someone does not have a permit, he or she can still transport a firearm on a bus, as long as the weapon is in a “non-functioning” state. Schnelting said criminals who ride public transportation already carry firearms and this would protect Missourians from them and their Second Amendment rights. [full article]

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