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MO – GUN POLITICS – Gun-Wielding St. Louis Couple Reportedly Indicted By Grand Jury

Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the St. Louis couple charged in July with brandishing weapons at protesters who marched through their gated community, have been indicted by a grand jury, the Associated Press has reported. Their lawyer, Joel Schwartz, told NPR he learned of the indictment from a variety of reports but has not yet been contacted by the prosecutor in the case, nor have the legal documents been filed in the court database. “I don’t have independent confirmation, but I’ve been told they’ve been charged with exhibiting a firearm and tampering with evidence,” Schwartz said. He could not expound on the charges of tampering with evidence, saying, “I can only assume they’re alleging that they tampered with the firearm.” Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner’s office did not immediately respond to NPR’s requests for comment. The incident was captured on video and has drawn ire from Black Lives Matter supporters and praise from Second Amendment activists. It has also stoked the heated debate over the rights and protections of protesters.  [full article]


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