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MO – GUN RIGHTS – Walking around Walmart with a rifle is legal — and shows insanity of Missouri gun laws

Two men lacking the common sense God gave a garden slug strolled into a Kansas City Walmart with a rifle and a handgun on Sunday and, whew, were promptly taken into custody. But under this state’s laws, police later said they’d done nothing illegal. Which only shows how unholstered and unhinged Missouri’s gun laws and their makers really are. Every time there’s a mass shooting, we hear from Republican legislators that the answer to gun violence is more and better treatment for mental illness. (Pssst: If you really believed this, wouldn’t you expand Medicaid, which does just that?) That 20-year-old in full tactical gear who strutted around the Springfield, Missouri, Walmart with a long rifle did prove a point, even if it was not the one he intended to make. Dmitriy Andreychenko seems to have wanted to make sure that his right to behave irresponsibly remained intact. Mission accomplished, Ace. According to him, he even called ahead to make sure Walmart was all good with his appearance as an action star in his own mind. But what he, too, really demonstrated was the absurdity of our laws. Open carry and concealed carry are legal in Missouri for anyone 19 and up. Naturally, shoppers were terrified, and Andreychenko was charged with making a terrorist threat. That’s because open carry is legal “unless the firearm is intentionally displayed in an angry or threatening manner.” We won’t be seeing many black or brown boys pulling a stunt like this, will we? The man who held this dumbnik at gunpoint until the police arrived “was able to see that I wasn’t threatening anyone and didn’t shoot me, so praise God for that,” Andreychenko said. As he sees it, his only real mistake was that his timing was off so soon after mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. “I didn’t give it a thought,” he said, and I believe him.  [full article]

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