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MO – GUN SAFETY – First time for firearms

Firearm and ammunition sales have seen a massive increase in sales nationally in the last couple of months, and as of recently because of rioting and looting aside from the protesting. here in northwest missouri, one outdoor shop owner has not seen the trend in the last couple of weeks. but the shop has noticed an increase in foot traffic and gun purchases in the last several months due to numerous reasons. “This year has been an odd year,” Jeff Leonard, the owner of J & B Outdoors, said. “we have had the coronavirus pandemic, the most recent events the past couple weeks and it’s an election year. there has been a decrease in the past couple of weeks (of firearms) but the last couple of months has been nothing i had seen before.” the problem for firearm dealers is the supply from the distributors is severely limited and Leonard has not seen a time in his life when items were at such high demand. “It’s a nationwide shortage. We see it everywhere and we deal with six or seven major firearm distributors. There is just nothing out there firearm and ammunition wise,” Leonard said. According to J & B Outdoors, the most popular firearm being bought in the past couple of months has been concealable weapons rather than long rifles or shotguns. Missouri does not require open and concealed carry permits in places that allow it. For the places that restrict concealed carry, a permit is needed or it can be used in other states that acknowledge Missouri permits. According to the Buchanan County Sheriff’s office, there has been an increase in demand this year for those permits. “We have seen an increase in applicants for concealed-carry permits, especially new applicants,” Sheriff Bill Puett said. “Firearms training has seen an increase as well.” The increased firearm training pertains to people buying weapons for the first time. There also is something unique with the purchases taking place in the last couple of weeks, Leonard said. “One thing that we are seeing is something that I have never seen in this business before,” Leonard said. “There are a lot of first-time firearm owners. I would say in the past couple of weeks, 50 to 60% of our business is people who have never owned a firearm.”  [full article]

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