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MO – INDUSTRY INSIDER – Local gun manufacturer seeing high demand (VIDEO)

With 2020 coming to a close, gun manufacturers and shops have witnessed high demands. This year more than others. Black Rain Ordnance has been busy for the last couple years, but they’ve had more growth in 2020. One of the reasons, Covid-19. Clint Caperton, said, “Shutdowns and quarantines and some of the factors that have come out of that is people that are wanting to get out and do things outside.” Since movie theaters, sporting events, and other activities that have large gatherings have been put on hold. Many people have resorted to outdoor hobbies like fishing, hunting, and shooting sports. “The fallout of that is increase in sales across the board for boats and four-wheelers and firearms and things related to those activities.”

While the high demand has been good for business, it has also caused some challenges. “As we all know things on shipping and things of that nature have slowed down due to restrictions around the country.” These restrictions have created issues with getting products in and out of the store. Making the demand difficult to achieve — But Caperton’s staff has been hard at work to get guns and ammunition to their customers. But keeping up with getting production out the door is easier said than done. “You have to increase productivity to try to keep up with the demand, so hiring more people, adding more machines, adding more footage to the facility, there’s a lot that goes into being able to keep up with that high demand.”  [full article]

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