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MO – LE – Law enforcement officials react to “Second Amendment Preservation Act” (VIDEO)

Since the Missouri House approved the “Second Amendment Preservation Act” Thursday, some law officials have had issues with the wording of the bill. House Bill 85 also known as the “Second Amendment Preservation Act” would allow lawsuits against police departments that enforce new or existing federal gun laws, some law officials like Moniteau County Sheriff Tony Wheatley have spoken out against the bill. In a statement Thursday posted of Facebook Moniteau County Sheriff Tony Wheatley said although the bill was written with “good intention”, the current language should be worrying to law enforcement across the state. Sheriff Wheatley was not the only one to voice his opinion, Cole County Sheriff John Wheeler agrees the Bill’s wording could use some work and by working with legislators has been able to even change some of its language, We were able to work with them and change some of the bill, so before; it was the officer if you assisted or anything on the second amendment, they would lose their license. So, they can’t be a cop anymore. So now what they’ve done is they’ve made the agencies responsible, the political subdivisions. Even though some of the nuanced wording has been changed Sheriff Wheeler said the Bill needs a few more changes. The verbiage is what we’re still concerned about, the Bill specifically says lawful citizen, so it means that we can react as long as a citizen is acting un-lawfully, but if you look further down in the bill there’s a definition and it really doesn’t define. It’s not a good definition of what an un-lawful citizen is. Some officers have felt if passed into law the Bill would make it harder for them to do their jobs. the Bill is on its way to the senate and proponents of the Bill believe it is needed to counteract the federal laws that may infringe upon second amendment freedoms.  [full article]


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