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MO – SELF-PROTECTION – McCloskeys Request New Prosecutor After St. Louis Circuit Attorney Seemingly Uses Case To Campaign (VIDEO)

A St. Louis couple facing charges for using guns to threaten trespassing protesters have requested that the district attorney pursuing them be removed for allegedly using their case to campaign. Joel Schwartz, the attorney for Mark and Patricia McCloskey, filed a request on Wednesday to have St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner removed from their case after Gardner referenced the McCloskeys in campaign emails sent before and after the charges against them were announced, according to KMOV4. Schwartz’s filing says that several days before charges against the McCloskeys were filed on July 20, Gardner sent out a campaign email that said: Because you are a supporter of Kim, I want to make you aware of a few late-breaking developments that are making national headlines right now. You might be familiar with the story of the couple who brandished guns during a peaceful protest outside of their mansions. …Instead of fighting for the millions of Americans affected by the pandemic – including 31 thousand Missourians – President Trump and [Gov. Mike Parson] are fighting for the two who pointed guns at peaceful citizens during the Black Lives Matter protests. Both President Trump and Governor Parsons are playing politics at a time when they should be doing their elected jobs. Kim needs your help to fight back! Her election is only weeks away. And right now she is under national scrutiny from our divisive President, the Republican establishment of Missouri, and the right-wing media, including Fox News. St. Louis will have an opportunity to re-elect progressive circuit attorney Kim Gardner, who time and time again has shown us she isn’t afraid to stand up and hold those accountable who are perpetuating a system of racism and police brutality.  [full article]

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