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MO – SHOOTING SPORTS – Long-range shooting a growing sport in Missouri

Guns have been the target of much debate in our country for many years now. Some people continue advocating for more and more regulation in order to improve safety of all Americans, others argue that such regulations encroach upon each American’s Second Amendment rights, and such a transgression inherently compromises the safety of all Americans. Regardless of your stance on this loaded topic, long-range shooting is a precision sport that in some ways operates as a successor to a tradition of gun-loving citizens dating back to the founders of our nation. “Guns are part of what makes us Americans. Our country was founded by people with guns who stood up to other people with guns,” said Dave Odom, a Salem resident who shoots competitively and who owns a machining company that specializes in manufacturing gun components. “I think it’s great to have that kind of connection to history,” said Odom. He believes that learning to be proficient with a firearm is a fundamentally patriotic act for every American, which is part of why he is so involved in shooting sports. Odom and Caleb Gidcumb, another Salem resident, form one of the best long-range shooting clubs in the state. Odom believes that shooting sports are for everyone. In addition to competing and machining, Odom is the Director of Missouri Steel Tactical rimfire (MOST rimfire), a group devoted to organizing shooting competitions in Missouri.  [full article]

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