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Moms Demanded Action…and They Got It!

Bob Rogers

Monday, June 18, 2018 – It was art for the sake of art, an all-nighter in Trenton, New Jersey, designed to let people bathe in the afterglow of peace and tranquility. Great idea. Until, that is, gunfire broke out around 3 am and had attendees scrambling for the exists, including members of the Everytown anti-gun group Mom’s Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. “Makes no sense,” is the well worn phrase espoused after every shooting at a large gathering and the state’s newly minted anti-gun governor, Phil Murphy, who just days ago did some chest pounding at the signing ceremony of six new state gun control laws which he claims would be “be the most sweeping gun-control legislation that’s been approved in the nation.” So much for good intentions.

But while good intentions are never fully guaranteed, it was somewhat delicious to learn that the Demanding Moms were sent scrambling under their tables when a shootout between rival gang members was provoked by a felon with homicide-related charges and on parole since February had just been granted early-release by the Governor. The gunfire injured as many as 22 artsy attendees and ended when the 33-year old suspect was killed by a 23-year old rival and another man, both of whom were shot but were in custody.

Yes, we make light of the squabble that put the Moms group front and center for the shootout but, given all the publicity the governor got during his gun control signing ceremony, we’re happy none of the Moms were hit by something other than their own hypocrisy.

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