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Montana Decoy Introduces Wiley Tom—A Revolutionary Reaping Decoy

HUMMELSTOWN, Penn. – January 4, 2019 – Montana Decoy brings unprecedented realism, portability and flexibility to the turkey woods this spring with the Wiley Tom. Never before has a decoy combined so many features to produce such an authentic imitation of Meleagris gallopavo.

Built using Montana Decoy’s life-like HD photo process, these decoys only employ images of actual wild turkeys. And, as such, this decoy is a standout in the looks department.

“As an inventor and turkey addict, I always have ideas bouncing around in my head,” said Tom Wiley, owner of Professional Marketing Incorporated. “Once I had the basics for the Wiley Tom, it was obvious I needed to work with Montana Decoy on bringing this idea to life!”

Hunters can use the realistic printed fabric or add their own feathers with the Wiley Tom. Individual feather sleeves allow easy replacement of damaged feathers, without needing an entirely new fan. This decoy is also easily used to pursue any of the subspecies with a never-before-seen realism created by the simplistic, robust and dynamic design.

“The Wiley Tom is another product that makes hunting gobblers more fun, interactive and productive,” said Montana Decoy President C J Davis. “Products like Miss Purr-fect and Jake Purr-fect really made us a truly unique turkey decoy company. This new decoy makes sense for our family of decoys—but really, it’s for our family of customers. We can’t wait to see what it produces in the hands of avid hunters. It combines the best of all worlds and is truly customizable to a hunter’s individual style, environment or preference to stay on the move or set up for up for an extended period of time.”

Known for lightweight, realism and ease of carry, Montana Decoy brings true innovation to the turkey, big game and predator hunting space. Visit MontanaDecoy.com for more information and to see the full lineup of Montana Decoy products.

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