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Mountain Lion Encounter VIDEOS

Mountain Lion Stand Off With Hiker, 1:52 min.

Here is a standoff with a mountain lion that happened last summer in Glacier National Park.

Encounter an aggressive swimming mountain lion while fishing, 1:24 min.

This fisherman from California had an extraordinary encounter while he was on his fishing boat. A swimming cougar came in his direction and was very aggressive!

Mountain lion gets in guys face! 3:05 min.

Intense face to face encounter with man and mountain lion!

Cougar encounter while hiking with his dog, 1:04 min.

When a cougar lays back its ears, that’s when he’s got his “finger on the trigger.”

Man tames injured WILD Mountain Lion in minutes, 2:51 min.

Tommy Young has taken in sick or injured wild animals for 30 years. Released thousands of them back into the wild. This is an incredible example of his ability to tame a wild animal in minutes.

Mountain lion safety tips, If you see one, what should you do? 1:43 min.

Sabino Canyon has an estimated one million visitors per year, according to the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

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