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MS – GUN POLITICS – Guns Sales Break Records With Gun Control Legislation Likely If Democrats Win (VIDEO)

Customers entering the GunHo Indoor Shooting Range & Firearm Store in Pass Christian, Mississippi, push by a sign reading, “Leave the world outside this door.” Salesman Daniel Fugere said the sign is intended to welcome everyone to the store. But for many, it’s the world outside that drives them to buy a gun. “With everything going on today, people don’t feel safe,” he told Newsweek. “A lot of women come in—medical professionals who don’t feel safe walking to their car at night and have never thought about having a gun—and buy a firearm. They feel safer.” Gun sales have increased throughout the nation, driven by concerns about the coronavirus pandemic, urban riots and the likelihood of increased regulation if the Democrats win the White House, regain control of the Senate and hold the House. Fugere said most customers buy a weapon for self-protection. He works with customers to match their needs and physical capabilities with the right gun. Prospective buyers can rent and fire several weapons at the store’s shooting range to find the right fit. Men experienced with weapons often upgrade their handguns or add an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle to their collection, he said. Many first-time buyers, including women, choose a weapon from the Smith & Wesson EZ line of 9mm semi-automatic pistols. Fugere said the weapons are light, easy to handle and have a low recoil, making them a good choice for women and anyone with arthritis, joint injuries or bone problems. The black-finished guns are priced from $439.99 to $499.99. In a note posted on a gun enthusiast website, a woman who called herself Tessabell5, raved about the EZ line: “I have limited use of one hand, and was convinced I’d only use a revolver with ease, but a trainer at the range had me try the 380 version of this and I was hooked. Racking the slide is so simple and the magazine loads easily (even one handed). I was worried this newer 9mm version wouldn’t have the same appeal, but it is perfect for me. I also love the safety feature in the handle that helps ensure I grip this well. It isn’t a favorite for my boyfriend who enjoys higher pistols, but I love this gun. As a side note, I use this and a .38 LadySmith (Smith & Wesson) revolver.”  [full article]

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