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MS – GUN POLITICS – Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith faces backlash for blocking expanded background checks on gun sales

At the same time Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith blocked a bill Thursday morning that would have expanded background checks on firearm purchases, news was unfolding about a deadly school shooting in California. The House passed the bill in February, 240-190, largely on party lines. Eight Republicans supported the bill, and only two Democrats voted against it. A Democratic senator attempted to bring the bill to a vote Thursday, but Hyde-Smith’s objection effectively killed the measure. Meanwhile, authorities in Santa Clarita, California, said a high school student fatally shot two classmates and injured five others before turning the gun on himself. Details — including how the teen acquired the gun — are still unclear, but some are already drawing a line between the shooting and Hyde-Smith’s objection, saying it shows Republicans are not serious about addressing gun violence in America. Democrat Mike Espy, who announced a 2020 Senate run against Hyde-Smith earlier this week, posted a tweet shortly after the shooting. “Earlier today, 5 students were injured in a school shooting in California,” Espy tweeted. “Almost at the same time as they were shot, Cindy Hyde-Smith, instructed by Mitch McConnell, blocked a motion in the Senate for universal background checks.’  [full article]

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