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MS – HUNTING – ‘He had 9 lives for sure’: Obsessed deer hunter finally bags seemingly bullet-proof buck

He was a giant buck and many who hunted the area knew about him, but it appeared the deer could deflect bullets and no one could harvest him. “I saw him for the first time in 2018,” said Shane Mayon of Berwick, Louisiana. “I hadn’t had a picture of him, but he popped out on a food plot about 300 yards away. It was the first sighting of the big 10-point, but it would not be the last. Mayon said the buck would appear on game camera photos about once a week. And others were seeing him, too. “My neighbors, they would see him also,” Mayon said. “He mostly lived on my piece. I would see him more than anybody else.” The 2018 season came and went, but the pictures kept coming. “Last year he liked smiling for the camera. He was on camera a good bit. He was getting pictures weekly, if not more often. Others were seeing the buck, nicknamed Hightower, in person. However, it appeared the buck would never be harvested.

“Two of my buddies shot at him,” Mayon said. “One guy missed him twice and the other one missed him once.  [full article]

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