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MS – HUNTING – The ‘COVID’ buck: Coronavirus quarantine leads to bizarre buck for Mississippi hunter

A Mississippi hunter tested positive for COVID-19 and little did he know that his time in quarantine at his family’s farm would lead to him harvesting a bizarre buck-of-a-lifetime.

“On Friday, Oct. 2, I was diagnosed with COVID,” said Trent Pace of Aberdeen. “My dad tested positive earlier in the week. “I tested negative. Early Friday morning, I started feeling bad and my mom started feeling bad so we went and got tested and tested positive. That first day was rough, but ever since, I’ve been fine. I lost my sense of taste and smell and I’ve been fatigued at times, but otherwise it hasn’t been too rough on me.” Being a college student, Pace said he has many obligations and does not have the time to hunt as much as he would like, but being quarantined changed that. “Once I found out, I knew now I had time to go hunting,” Pace said. “This gave me time to get in a tree every day as long as I felt good enough to go. Being outdoors is the best social distancing practice you can do, in my opinion.” Sunday was one of those days when he felt well enough to hunt, so he set out after a bizarre non-typical he’s been trying to harvest since last deer season.

“I’ve got thousands of pictures and I’ve been trying to pattern him,” Pace said. “I never had any encounters with him. There were moments I could have seen him, but I was either duck hunting or I didn’t get up.”  [full article]

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