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MS – RETAILERS – Some Jackson city leaders want gun sales banned until crime gets under control (VIDEO)

Some city leaders believe the sale of guns, has led to the increased violence on the streets. Now some in Jackson want to ban the sale of guns, until the crime gets under control. At this week’s city council meeting, Jackson City Councilman Aaron Banks said he wants to put a moratorium on gun sales in the city. Both Councilman Aaron Banks and Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba were very vocal in their opinions of gun shows. They say they are not against guns but they are against illegal guns. Banks said he believes groups are selling guns illegally, finding loopholes in background checks. The mayor said there are too many irresponsible gun owners. State agriculture Commissioner Andy Gipson told 3 On Your Side he helped write state law that allow for the sale of guns. He says a city moratorium couldn’t be enforced on the fairgrounds or anywhere else. Councilman Aaron Banks said, “This is what we see, that after a gun show that weekend following you have mass amounts of shootings. People standing on the side of the street displaying their guns, getting on Facebook showing their guns. You have that and there are concerns.” Andy Gipson, Mississippi Commissioner of Agriculture said, “Based on the state law as I know it and I know a little bit about it because I helped write it in the legislature, a county or city can’t pass an ordinance that would prohibit the possession or sale or transfer of firearms.” Gipson says the people who attend the gun shows on the fairgrounds are law abiding citizens who want to protect their families. He says the only way they can purchase a weapon there is legally. The Original Jackson Gun Show is scheduled to be held at the Trademart August 29th and 30th.  [full article]


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